Download MindIT Trivia App – Play, Learn and Earn Real Cash 2.4 Mod APK Unlimited Cash

Download MindIT Trivia App – Play, Learn and Earn Real Cash 2.4 Mod APK Unlimited Cash

Description of MindIT Trivia App - Play, Learn and Earn Real Cash

Rewards that can be redeemed for real cashmoney to your PayTM wallet or PayPal Account. More than USD 100given as prizes each day, so your excitement levels never godown.

You can not just chose the that you want to play on, but play it inyour own language as well. Set your language to Italian, French,German, Spanish, Korean, Japanese or any other language of yourchoice.

A unique quizzing & trivia game app that lets you earn whileyou learn. With great features and unlimited questions, we ensurethat you will never cease to learn and increase your generalknowledge. From movies to sports, from science to current affairs,MindIT has questions from all your favourite topics.

Thousands of questions ranging from general knowledge, currentaffairs, history, geography, mathematics, physics, chemistry tohelp increase your knowledge for competitive exams like IAS, JEE,Engineering, Medical entrance exams, CAT & CDS etc.

Country specific questions so that you learn about your own countryas well.

Baseball trivia, basketball trivia, NBA trivia, Golf Trivia, USHistory trivia, Hollywood

Questions divided into multiple categories (Cricket, Football(Soccer), Bollywood, Hollywood, History, Countries of the World,Famous Personalities, Science, Arts, Indian History, World History,Brands and Business & many more) so that you can chose what youlike or what expert quiz game you want to play.

We reward you for everything that you do to increase yourknowledge. So get rewards coins or points for things such asplaying quizzes daily, playing quizzes all through the week,inviting your friends, taking surveys and many more – all to ensurethat learning is fun and quizzing becomes a game which youenjoy.

No upper limit on the number of trivia games you want to play. Soas you learn more, we help you earn more cash rewards.

MindIt is your essential quiz/trivia app that helps you earn cashdirectly into your PayTM wallet or your PayPal account as per yourperformance. MindIT is for all age groups across India and coversvarious categories that will help enhance your general knowledge,crack competitive exams and give you a lot of pride aboutIncredible India. The best part about MindIT is that MindIT paysyou cash directly into your PayTM wallet or PayPal account, insteadof giving you coupons of different e-commerce websites; so you canearn cash, while you learn. Our carefully crafted quizzes acrosscategories, right from history to sports, from countries of theworld to Incredible India, from Hollywood to Bollywood, will ensureyou enhance your general knowledge. More the quizzes you play, thesmarter you get, and more the potential for you to earn cash.

So, what are you waiting for? Download MindIT trivia & quizgame today.

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