Download Heavy Vehicles Transporter Trailer:big truck games 1.0 Mod APK Full Money

Download Heavy Vehicles Transporter Trailer:big truck games 1.0 Mod APK Full Money

Description of Heavy Vehicles Transporter Trailer:big truck games

This is a most realistic city parkinganddriving adventure game in the parking era. Drive a heavy dutytruckin a fully traffic city. Being a trucker, get back behind thewheeland feel the adventure and thrill of being on the road forlongroutes. This are very challenging for new driver, acceptsthechallenge and enjoy fantastic modern city driving. If you thinkyouare a driving champion this game is best for you. The game basedonan amazing idea and it is well executed.
Begin a cargo transporter and cargo contractor your job is toloadcargo like car, 4×4 jeep & 6×6 jeep, tractor, Prado, policecarand unload them on their destination in given time. Drivecarefullyand avoid hitting obstacles otherwise level will befailed. Themain task is goods transportation and delivery whichsounds easybut driving such giant vehicles in small city roads isnot a pieceof cake. Different weather effects make your drivingexperiencemore joyful. As the contractor you need to transportcargo, furiouscars and other luggage via city roads, sea and air.It time toprove that you are a legend truck driver who complete allthemissions successfully.
It is a classic simulation game supply truck driver. Thisgameallows you multiple driving and simulation experience. All cityandoff-road environment is totally new. There are 3 camera optionsforyou to pick and play from perspective of your choice.
• Multiple Vehicles
• Several Geographical Locations
• GPS tracking of cargo
• Traffic control Police
• User friendly controls
• Awesome Graphics
• Smooth game play
• Awesome Engine on/off sounds.

How to play
1. Game can be played with buttons, tilt screen andsteeringwheel
2. Start the truck by tapping on ignition button
3. Start moving to the destination following direction.
4. Pick up the cargo.
5. Drive it to the unloading/delivery point.

App Information of Heavy Vehicles Transporter Trailer:big truck games

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