Free Download 鬼語迷城 Mod APK Full Cash

Free Download 鬼語迷城 Mod APK Full Cash

Description of 鬼語迷城

【最刺激真實的盜墓題材MMORPG 3D手機遊戲《鬼語迷城》】

※組隊開棺 三大奇兵助陣
※古墓探秘 破解重重機關
※鬼市擺攤 寶物拍賣回收
※巔峰對決 誰是尋龍王者


[The most exciting real tomb theme MMORPG 3D mobile game “Ghost Language City”]
 [The grave is so dangerous, why go! 】
 [Of course, for the night to get rich! 】
Here, you will become the real master of the tomb, enter the crisis of the underground palace, the organ puzzle, open the treasure, the courage of the corpse, experience the most realistic and exciting tomb tour, there are 5V5 ladder battle, dragon pulse competition, etc. , compete with the different martial arts masters!
Bring your gear, join the squad, and start the mysterious underground world tour!

Play “Ghost Language”, you can –
※ Team development
Every robber has a stunt: the singularity of the ventilated water secret technique, the mountain squad who is good at dealing with zombies, and the daring to unearth the giant shovel. In the tombs of dangerous dangers, the unions are born, and the points are dead. Only strong people can only survive in the Jedi. However, the tombs are easy to steal and the hearts of the people are unpredictable. Who will be the traitors in the ranks?
※Exploration of ancient tombs
Legend has it that no one knows the true Qin Shihuang Mausoleum, but here you can learn the feng shui secret technique, use the compass to locate the position, and then the secret entrance to the grave can be discovered by you! Go deep into the labyrinth, crack the body array method, challenge the Millennium King, and experience the most exciting ancient tomb adventure!
※Ghost Market Stalls Treasure Auction Recycling
Still envious of others as CEOs, greet Bai Fumei? The game has truly restored the antique trading market. The treasures stolen from the tomb can be put into the black market for auction, and every minute of the night, it is not a dream!
※The peak matchup Who is the dragon king
Where there are people, there is a fight. 5V5-style MOBA athletics, through the cross-match matching ladder system, real-time battles with different martial arts masters, and more dragons compete for gameplay, by declaring war, bidding, fighting, you will have all the treasures under the dragon pulse, become the strongest dragon-seeking legend!

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* This game software classification management method is classified as: auxiliary level 12.
* This game contains mild violence and sex (the character wears a chest and hip dress).
* This game is free to use, and the game also provides paid services such as purchasing virtual game coins and items.
* Playing games for a long time is easy to affect normal work and rest, and should be moderately rested and exercised.

App Information of 鬼語迷城

App Name 鬼語迷城
Package Name com.gm99.ylcs
Rating 6.0 ( 5547 )
Size 83.2 MB
Requirement Android 4.0.3+
Updated 2018-12-29
Installs 100,000+
Category Adventure, Games

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