Free Download Delivery From the Pain (Lite) 1.0.6384 Mod APK Full Gems

Free Download Delivery From the Pain (Lite) 1.0.6384 Mod APK Full Gems

Description of Delivery From the Pain (Lite)

Delivery from the pain for Android has arrived. Download now and experience the prologue for free. After unlocking it, you can experience more than 30 hours of game content, and multiple game endings to choose.

This game is our first 3D adventure indie game, which lasted more than 2 years and the team members were expanded from 5 to 7 people. Regarding this game, we want to tell you:

► Unique doomsday experience with interesting hidden game settings
► Multiple endings with full of mysteries and surprises, which one is the truth?
► Big map with dangerous attracting 3D urban buildings
► Life-like NPCs with particular timelines and evocative story design
► Thought-provoking choices during your conversation with other survivors make your journey to be full of uncertain.
► Over ten kinds of zombies with specific skills and four ultimate boss monsters are waiting for you.
►Study system and workshop offer varied strategic choices, try to build a safer shelter now!
► Different kinds of weapons and particular sneak-in system provide you with better combat experience.
►Google Drive sync support, you won’t lose your progress.
► Support for Metal rendering to further enhance the performance!
► No ads, no in-app purchases. Buy once, play for life, and enjoy future updates and DLC for free.

In 201x, an anti-cancer drug research institute announced the discovery of the key to eternal life. On the strength of this discovery, Faith Energy Company launched a vaccine startup, The Human X Plan. However, the vaccine failed. Humans turned into zombies, and the area where you live has been severely affected. This is where your story begins. In order to survive, you must discover the truth about the conspiracy.

The poor, beautiful mother and her daughter in the police station, the doctor in Smith Hospital, the cunning liar, the mentally disabled man, the jealous beauty, and twin brothers with distinct personalities. Will they all survive to the end? What sacrifices will you make to ensure their survival? What secrets will you uncover in the abandoned tapes, newspapers, magazines, and files that you find along your journey? Can you recover the password to the escape gate with your wisdom?

“Delivery From The Pain” is a strategic survival game with a fantastic storyline. In this game, you are not Alice; you are just a regular survivor in a horrible world with zombies. During your adventure;

1. You have to face different kinds of zombies, keep calm and observe them to figure out their weak point, then smartly deal with them based on your situation.

2. You will meet other survivors; your choices will decide what will happen and what kind of ending you will have.

3. You’d better make a good study plan so that you can build a safer shelter, develop powerful weapons, cook more delicious food.

Three Tips for You

1. Avoid eating lousy food, or you will die faster.
2. Keep in mind that you are not a hero in front of zombies, just run away when you should.
3. Try to sleep in a more comfortable bed.

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Facebook: @DeliveryFromThePain
Twitter: @DeliveryPain
The most fun real-life survival game.Thanks to the support of the survivors.This update:

1. Fixed some bugs

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