Free Download Word of the Day: Improve English one word a day 1.4.6 Mod APK Full Money

Free Download Word of the Day: Improve English one word a day 1.4.6 Mod APK Full Money

Description of Word of the Day: Improve English one word a day

-> Do you feel that you need to improveyour English language?

-> Sometimes you often wonder” How to buildvocabulary?”

If your answer is “Yes” to any of the questions above then let ustell you that you can achieve lots of confidence using our simpleand interesting app called “Vocabulary Builder: Word a Day”. The #1Vocabulary Builder App in English Language. Just learn one newEnglish word a day. Every day you will get one new word, withmeaning and examples of usage.

The idea behind this app is very simple. Learn new English worddaily and do your best to use that word in your day todayconversations. Until and unless you use that word in yourconversation, you cannot improve your command over Englishlanguage . You might have heard the phrase “You cannot learnswimming by watching a YouTube video. You need to practice in areal-world swimming pool”. Learning English free was never thiseasy.

This Improve English language app is built for people who arealways looking to better themselves. Word power made easy andsimple to build vocabulary.

Word a Day app has three levels of words: –


You can change the words level anytime. Many users are using thisapp to learn hard English words one a day. You can mark words asyour favourite and browser through past words. It has audiopronunciation of the word as well. One can easily swipe and checkpast words and refresh one’s memory. You can share the word and itsmeaning with others as well very easily. Speak English fluently andlearn English word power.

Through timely notification you are alerted about the Word of theday. You can select the time of this notification from fouroptions. Vocabulary Trainer is very easy to use and works withoutinternet for learning English language course.

This is the best linguistics English app for students whilepreparing for their TOEFL, GRE, IELTS, TOEIC, ASVAB, PTE orACT like tests. If you check our reviews on play stores it doeslook like lots of students are benefiting immensely using this app.Vocabulary Builder: Word Power app has a very high retention ratioof amongst students. Student find it helpful to learn new Englishwords with meaning to improve language and learn new English wordsdaily.

You will feel tremendous increase in your command over Englishlanguage and will appear much more confident while speakingEnglish. English language quiz is another very attractivefeature of this app. Quiz will greatly improve your vocabulary andits 100% free to use.

Vocabulary Building: Word of the day app for English languagecourse is becoming very popular in countries like India, Brazil,Indonesia, and Russia. A very surprising fact is that our numberone country is USA. As per google analytics, USA users are mainlyusing Medium and Hard word category. Many users use it as pronounceEnglish words audio app for your android phone or tablet.

In summary, this is a great English quiz app for workingprofessionals, managers, sales executive and college/universitystudents. Basically all those who want to improve their Englishfor personal or professional reasons. So, looks like everyone canbenefit from this app in some way and grow their vocabularybuilding new complex stanzas and learn new English words daily.Learn to Speak English for Business, Travel, Study, Dating, Study& School

Loaded with different levels of words, word meanings and more thanone example of each word. Learn how to pronounce a difficultEnglish word. Test your knowledge taking up quizzes in each level.This classic app has helped hundreds of thousands of users to learnto speak and write English with confidence.

Now you can browse Top 10 Universities for MBA, Engineering, Law,Medical, Nursing, Economics and Arts for USA, Australia, UK andCanada.

Vocabulary Builder: Word a Day = Better English App is availablefor free to improve your vocabulary 10X times!

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