Free Download Runtastic Steps – Step Counter & Pedometer Mod APK Unlimited Gems

Free Download Runtastic Steps – Step Counter & Pedometer Mod APK Unlimited Gems

Description of Runtastic Steps - Step Counter & Pedometer

See how much you move on a daily basis with the Runtastic Steps activity and daily step tracker. With this app, you can learn more about your daily habits, calories burned and work toward living a healthier, more active lifestyle. How many steps do you walk on average? How many calories have you already burned today? Find out with Runtastic Steps, your daily step counter & walking tracker!

Are you an active person looking to just keep fit? Runtastic Steps is the perfect activity tracker app for becoming more aware of your daily activity level, average step count or the quality of your sleep. Thanks to the daily, weekly and monthly activity overviews, you can use this free step counter to see how much progress you’ve made or decide where there’s still room for improvement. Live a happier, healthier and more conscientious life and make your daily fitness goals a reality with your daily step counter.

* Free step tracker: get a useful overview of your daily steps or distances covered to keep you motivated to stay active in your day-to-day life
* Integrates with Google Fit
* Accurately calculates calories burned and
* Provides detailed weekly, monthly and yearly activity overviews
* No extra hardware needed
* Incorporate statistics from the Sleep Better app or from sleep sessions tracked with your Runtastic wearable
* Manually input sleep sessions if you forgot to activate Sleep Better or your wearable device

* Go for goals: Set daily step goals and use your walking tracker to follow your progress in the across the day on the color-coded bar chart
* Start a streak: Reach your goals for 2 or more days in a row to start a streak. Stay active with your walking app to keep the streak going
* Active minutes: Keep track of your active minutes to find places in your day where you could work some extra activity into your daily habits
* All your stats in one place: Integrate your tracked activities from your favorite Runtastic apps like Runtastic, Results, Mountain Bike, Six Pack or any other of our health and fitness apps in the activity tracker app. Your activity stats will sync with Runtastic Steps to offer you a complete overview of your achievements

* Share your streaks with friends to motivate them to embrace a more active lifestyle and healthy daily habits
* Leaderboard: see how your active minutes or steps total matches up against your friends. You can establish friendly competitions to motivate each other using this walking app
* Newsfeed: Get up-to-date, informative and entertaining content from our Blog, or get info about the activities of your friends

The Runtastic Steps walking app has 3 unique plans, customized for your current activity level, to help you move more in your daily life. Whether you want to lose weight or challenge yourself to 30 days of extra steps, we’ve got a plan for you:
* 30-Day Activity Boost: Quickly up your daily step count over a month, using your walk tracker to give yourself an extra dose of energy.
* Step It Up: A mix of Step and Active Minutes goals will help you get more active over the next weeks.
* Walking for Weight Loss: This plan will help you count steps reach your weight goal by focusing on increasing your daily activity level over 12-weeks.

Searching for the Runtastic Me app? You found it! Runtastic Me got a makeover and will now be called Runtastic Steps.

You’re looking to live a healthier lifestyle and incorporate more activity into your daily routine? Runtastic Steps walk tracker helps you become more aware of your current activity level. With the ability to compare weekly, monthly and yearly stats you can celebrate your progress and see where there’s room to improve. Live a healthier and more conscientious lifestyle with Runtastic Steps!
* We’ve made a couple of improvements to make sure the app is fully functioning for you. Just install the update and continue using the app 🙂

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App Information of Runtastic Steps - Step Counter & Pedometer

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