Download Lanterna (IceBlink RPG) Mod APK Unlimited Cash

Download Lanterna (IceBlink RPG) Mod APK Unlimited Cash

Description of Lanterna (IceBlink RPG)

Lanterna – The Exile (an IceBlink Engine RPG)

Story and Turn-based role playing game (RPG) implementing a classic old-school computer RPG style.

This is the second adventure module converted for the IceBlink Engine Android Version (The Raventhal was the first and is available on Google Play for FREE). If you are not sure if you will like this app, I would recommend that you download and try The Raventhal first to see if you like the game mechanics and overall concept.

Story, music and most artwork by slowdive_fan and Bree Arts
IceBlink Engine and port to Android by slowdive_fan (aka me)

– designed for phones, but scales well on tablets (I have a galaxy tab 3 8″).
– low price, NO ads and NO in-app purchase stuff.
– turn-based combat similar in style to the SSI Gold Box games.
– great RPG story telling conversation system.
– single player RPG (you control all party members) game.
– multiple companions can join your party.
– talk with companions (see help button on character sheet screen) to learn more about them and the world of Lanterna.
– lots of replayability (is that a word?).
– three races, four classes and many spells to choose from.
– multiple saves available (save often).
– lots of items to find and wield.
– this is a short story (2-4 hours) so, yes, it is short. It’s an intro to the Lanterna setting and will lead into the next adventure module in the series, Lanterna 2 which is much larger (10-15 hours).

Progress Reporting Feature:
A fun new way to share your play through experience with others. There is a toggle button on the main map screen labeled “PR” (bottom right toggle button). Pressing this button will turn Progress Reporting on and off. If you do not wish to share your play through experience, no problem, just turn off Progress Reporting. If you do wish to share, leave the “PR” button on. If Progress Reporting is on, then at a number of milestone events, it will send your party’s current stats to our Google Analytics Dashboard. I will post the listings of Progress Reports to our forums (see our website link below) for others to share in the experience. No personally identifiable information is collected, just information about your party. The tag that will separate your Progress Report from others is your main PC’s name. We are excited to see how others are enjoying our adventure stories so we hope you enjoy this new feature as well.

Lanterna – The Exile Adventure Module Description:
“Almost 272 years have passed since Elos led your people to this new world of Charn. Peace and growth reigned for many years, until recently. You have been taking care of your younger sister ever since your parents disappeared. You work at the docks, helping load and unload ships. The day seemed to be going fine until you were interrupted by Andy with a message from Dalin, the Chief Judge. Your sister has been abducted.
Your main quest is to find your sister and free her.”

Lanterna – The Exile was originally Created by slowdive_fan (me) for Neverwinter Nights 1 (NWN), then NWN2, and then for the IceBlink Engine (IB). I ported the IB engine (original engine and toolset I created for the PC) to Android and converted The Raventhal and now Lanterna – The Exile adventure modules from the PC version to Android. The IceBlink Engine is inspired by some of my favorite cRPGs (many being old retro style RPGs) such as the SSI Gold Box Games, original Bard’s Tale, Ultima, and the Infinity Engine games (like Baldur’s Gate and Icewind Dale) and my 6+ years of experience with building adventure modules in Neverwinter Nights 1 and 2.
Lanterna – The Exile has been upgraded to the new IceBlink RPG engine. It now includes all the same features as seen in Hearkenwold and Lanterna2 such as tons of new player tokens to choose from, improved creature AI, lots of toggle buttons, Progress Reporting, lots of new traits, graphical spell and trait selections, reorder party, ammo, day/night cycle, and much more.

Plus, a whole new area and side quest added with fun new items and creatures!

App Information of Lanterna (IceBlink RPG)

App Name Lanterna (IceBlink RPG)
Package Name com.iceblinkengine.ibb.lanternaone
Rating ( 120 )
Installs 500+

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