Free Download My Sweet Ghost : Romance You Choose 1.0.0 Mod APK Unlimited Money

Free Download My Sweet Ghost : Romance You Choose 1.0.0 Mod APK Unlimited Money

Description of My Sweet Ghost : Romance You Choose

My Sweet Ghost: Romance You Choose

◇◇Play any and all routes for free!!◇◇
◇◇Ghosts are living in my mansion?! A bittersweet story is told as emotions collide.◇◇
◇◇You are the heroine! Indulge in a romance with the ghosts of the mansion!!◇◇


“In other words, you’re the newbie here.”

I could do nothing but stand there dumbfounded as four pairs of eyes stared at me from all angles.
I started living on my own at the mansion my antique-dealing grandpa left for me.
Or at least I was supposed it but there were four residents before me.
They can pass through walls and don’t even age!
That’s right. They are ghosts who have stayed in this world!
Everyone is unique in their own way and I love the lively and cheerful time I spend with them but there are still times of sorrow…
My life with these ghosts who grieve silently begins here!


◆【The Strict Vice-Captain】
Rintarou Kamui
“What is with that weak response?!”
Rintarou was once the vice-captain of an army and is strict with himself and others.
Despite his severe attitude, he proves to be quite caring from time to time.
He has searched for the legendary demon sword, Murasame for some time.
Up until this day, Rintarou still regrets the decision he made on the frontlines.

◆【The Mysterious Gentleman】
Yuuya Natsume
“It rained heavily that day too.”
As a booklover, Yuuya frequents the library in the mansion.
He is a calm and collected young man who dislikes disputes and is a gentleman to everyone.
Yet there are times when his emotions take over too.
Yuuya doesn’t talk about himself much and is a man surrounded by an aura of mystery.

◆【A Sociable and Kind Honors Student】
Haruki Yagami
“I guess neither you nor my sister are just people to be just protected.”
Haruki is a youth around your age who is sociable and very considerate.
He has a cheeky side that loves to surprise and make you laugh.
Haruki was an honors student, with achievements in sports and his academics.
But the reason for the smile tinted with grief he wears from time to time stems from his younger sister.

◆【A Cheeky, Mean-yet-Sweet Young Master】
Yuzuru Shirakawa
“Shut up. I’ll put a curse on you, idiot!”
Having been spoilt when he was alive, Yuzuru is arrogant and cheeky. He has a sharp tongue and lacks manners for those older than him.
He loves snacks and games. Sometimes he basically forces you to play with him.
Behind that sharp tongue of his is someone who can be sweet as well.
He was sickly when he was alive and still has a complex because of it…

Choose from a variety of characters!
Who will you fall in love with…?

■■Play Guide■■
It is simple!
1. Run the app and tap ‘Prologue’
2. Read the prologue
3. Choose the character you like
4. Get to know them and raise their affection through your choices as you read the story
5. There are TWO endings for each character. Whether or not you’ll get to the happy ending is all up to you!
Note: This game can be played for free by using ‘Story tickets’ given out daily.
Note: In-app purchases for ‘Story tickets’ are available to read the entire story all at once.

This game is recommended for the following people:
My Sweet Ghost’ is perfect if you:
・Like romance movies, dramas, manga, anime, novels, etc.
・Like romance games but not ones that are too extreme…
・Like romance games, dating sim games and apps
・Want to read and enjoy a satisfying romance story
・Like stories that pull at your heartstrings
・Like Voltage or Cybird apps

This app is developed for both males and females to enjoy!

■■About Genius Inc.■■
Genius Inc. is a company which plans, develops and releases ‘App Dramas’, or story apps. Our mission is to develop the innovative ‘App Drama’ to a level where it can be lined up with creations such as manga and anime.
We hope you for your support as we continue to bring high quality works to you!

Please contact us on for queries or bug reports.
We look forward to feedback on our games.

App Information of My Sweet Ghost : Romance You Choose

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