Free Download Quizoid: Free Trivia w General Knowledge Questions 4.4.11 Mod APK Unlimited Cash

Free Download Quizoid: Free Trivia w General Knowledge Questions 4.4.11 Mod APK Unlimited Cash

Description of Quizoid: Free Trivia w General Knowledge Questions

Quiz Features overview:
★ 7,000+ trivia questions from easy to hard, from funny tointeresting
★ 17 fields of knowledge with facts about sports,entertainment, science and more
★ 3 game modes: play endless on Classic mode, get 20questions without game over on 20-Questions mode or play againstthe clock on Arcade mode
★ 3 lifelines: 50/50, 2-shots and change question
★ offline playable: on long road trips or while on thesubway
★ always up-to-date: regular updates with fresh questions(as of August 2017)

Boring afternoon? Then why not test your knowledge, learn new factsand boost your education? Quizoid is a demanding multiple choicetrivia with 3 different game modes. Play a quiz as long as you likewith sudden death on Classic mode, answer 20 questionswithout game over on 20 questions mode or play against theclock on Arcade mode. Quizoid won’t make you a millionairebut for sure improves your education.

Like the well known “Who wants to be a millionaire?” and othertrivia games, Quizoid offers 3 lifelines to help you out withdifficult questions. Use the well-known Fifty-fifty, get a secondguess or swap a question for another of your favorite category tofill the gaps in your knowledge.

There’s much to learn from these 17 quiz categories:

• Art & Literature,
• Astronomy & Space,
• Chemistry,
• Entertainment,
• Famous People,
• Food & Beverage,
• General Knowledge,
• Geography,
• History,
• Language,
• Mathematics,
• Medical Sience,
• Nature,
• Politics,
• Religion,
• Science & Technology and
• Sports.

Unlike many other trivia apps Quizoid is playable offlineanytime. Take it with you on a road trip or play a quick gamewhile you are on the sub! Plus: with Quizoid’s built-in quizstatistics you can follow your learning progress across allfields of knowledge.

If you’re up for a competition, sign in with Goolge Plus tochallenge your friends on Quizoid’s online leaderboards andto unlock achievments! Furthermore you can send in your own triviaquestions via the in game Send question option. Get yourknowledge into the quiz!

The game’s minimalistic and stylish design helps you stay focused.Choose between a black and a white layout or play the app onlandscape mode and cast it to your TV screen!

If you like our trivia game, rate it on the Google Play Store! Youcan also give this page a +1 on Google Plus! You have something tosay? Send us an email to [email protected]! Your feedback ishighly appreciated.

If this free quiz isn’t difficult enough and you want more, tryQuizoid Pro! It comes with 2,600 additional questions PLUS 2new game modes: Category mode and Pro mode. Download here:

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