Free Download Teon – All Fair Hardcore ARPG 1.1.176171 Mod APK Full Money

Free Download Teon – All Fair Hardcore ARPG 1.1.176171 Mod APK Full Money

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Description of Teon - All Fair Hardcore ARPG

Don’t download if you want mindless tutorials,easy quests, or fast level-up.

Get yourself frustrated from maze-like dungeons, low drop rate andconfusing rules!

Expect slow game speed and hours of hard grind! This is not aracing game!

We only look for those strong in heart and mind!

A world with vast landscape
* Discover the fantasy world “step-by-step”
* No more “tap-to-select-a-dungeon”

Form clans, expolore dungeons, defeat bosses
* Don’t face danger alone, face it in a group!
* Lots of unexplained rules and hidden monsters
* Share your experience with your clan members, advancefaster!
* Powerful bosses are hiding in extremely large maze-likedungeons

Your character, your choice
* Add stats points the way you want
* Same equipment works differently for each class

Trade with others, be a merchant
* You can trade and sell almost anything

Intense PVP action
* Force PK anytime outside of town!

Teon, God of Creation, created Edin and all beings. The powerfulGiants enslaved the other races, but Humans fought back. KingArthur, leader of knights, finally became the master of Edin. WithEdin united, the Tower of Babel was built in attempt to reachHeaven. Enraged, Teon imprisoned King Arthur. Chaos ensued, andHumans dropped like flies.
Finally, the brutal King Attila took over the throne and broughtterror over the world. The Undead rose, and Edin was shrouded indarkness.
Still, the light of justice never faded. Knights, Mages, and Elvesfight alongside King Arthur’s descendants to revolt against theanarchy of King Attila. Here begins the fight of Kings andKnights!

[Monthly Subscription]
* Teon is divided into Member Zones and Non-Member Zones. Talk to”Servant of Teon [Oath]” on the left of the warehouse in PromiseIsland to subscribe and become a member.
* Non-Member Zones: Edin Sky Island, Promise Island, Promise IslandDungeon F1 and F2.
* Member Zones: Old Escape Tunnel, Maros, Elven Garden, Orc Town,Orcish Guild, and future new maps.
* The subscription fee is US$ 9.99. Subscription is renewedautomatically every month.
* A subscription that’s not canceled 24 hours before expirationwill be renewed automatically. The subscription fee will bededucted 24 hours before expiration.
* The subscription for the current month can not be canceled.
* Player Guidelines:
* Privacy Policy:

[Important Information]
* The game pack unzips for approx. 2min when first launched.Progress can be seen at the bottom left corner.




If you have problems logging in, check Help or contact our customerservice at: [email protected]
Note: Your email subject should include “Teon”, e.g. “Teon: ProblemFeedback”, “Teon: Device Problem”, “Teon: Login Failure”.

App Information of Teon - All Fair Hardcore ARPG

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