Free Download PicaSim: Free flight simulator 1.1.1074 Mod APK Unlimited Gems

Free Download PicaSim: Free flight simulator 1.1.1074 Mod APK Unlimited Gems

Description of PicaSim: Free flight simulator

Learn how to fly radio controlled planes,practise aerobatics, or just to have fun flying around on a rainyday. Watch the video at for some hintson how to fly. Or to see the latestfeature: AI/computer controlled planes to keep you company.

PicaSim flight simulator focusses primarily on incrediblyrealistic R/C glider flying (slope and thermal), including windflow, turbulence and thermals in the simulation. The gliders rangefrom small flying wings like the Weasel, aerobatic planes like thePhase 6, Le Fish and the Jart, up to larger soaring and scaleplanes, plus a full size hang glider. But there are powered planestoo, including a fully aerobatic powered plane, the Extra 3D, aswell as a control-line plane. Almost all the gliders can belaunched by hand, with a bungee/high-start, or by aerotow.

There’s a forum for posting bugs, suggestions and generaldiscussion at or you can askquestions on the Facebook/Google+ pages.

Read a detailed review of PicaSim flight simulator in theFebruary 2013 edition of Radio Controlled Soaring Digest: where it says “PicaSim is afantastic flight simulator … after a short time it’s like havinga real transmitter in your hands”.

Please remember it’s a flight simulator, not really a game.There are no compromises in terms of the simulation, handling orcontrol. If you find it hard to fly – that’s because flying R/Cplanes is hard (at first), but a fun and rewarding skill to master.PicaSim won’t teach you to fly a R/C plane, but it can help youlearn.

It comes with a large selection of aircraft (mainly gliders forthe moment), multiple terrains to fly in, and many settings so youcan configure it as you see fit, or create your own terrains to flyaround.

It is completely free – no in-app ads etc. However, if you likeit, find it useful, or would like to support future improvementsetc please feel free to make a small contribution – it will behugely appreciated! You can do this through the PicaSim fullversion, or visit the website.

The Full version also includes additional scenes, races, limbochallenges and planes (including a quadcopter). It will containmore “bonuses” over time, as a little thank you forcontributing.

If your device is Android 3 or above and supports USB OTG, youcan probably use an external USB gamepad or joystick, or even yourR/C Transmitter (via an interface), using a USB OTG cable/adapter(very cheap). Its definitely worth trying. Make sure you connectthe controller before running PicaSim, and then set it up in thesettings->joystick menu. Here’s a video walking through thesetup:

A few things:

1. If you’ve never flown an R/C plane before, I suggest watchingat least the start of this video: – itwill give you a few tips about how to not crash. Keeping airborneis pretty hard at first!

2. If you select a multi-stick controller (mode1 or mode2),watch out for glitches. If the sticks don’t always follow yourscreen touches, your device probably doesn’t support fullmulti-touch. Select “stagger controller” inSettings->Options.

Please keep an eye on the website (or follow onFacebook/Google+) for info on updates etc – it’s also available oniOS and Windows. When it’s more feature complete I’ll add more infoon all the settings and how to configure/use it properly… untilthen please just experiment, and contact me if you have anyquestions or suggestions.

Permissions: It saves settings to the SD card, mainly because itsupports using user-generated content. It needs the “Phone calls”permission for Marmalade – I think this is to handle interruptionby incoming calls properly. PicaSim does not access any personaldata on the device.

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