Download SmartFit – Gym Personal Trainer, Strength training Mod APK Full Gems

Download SmartFit – Gym Personal Trainer, Strength training Mod APK Full Gems

Description of SmartFit - Gym Personal Trainer, Strength training

Effective decision for those, who want to loseweight, gain muscles or increase the strength
SmartFit builds up a gym workout plan, taking into account yourworking weights, training goals and your experience in thegym
SmartFit – is not a training diary or fitness tracker, it is afully qualified fitness trainer for men and women in the followingdirections:

– Fitness
– Bodybuilding
– Powerlifting
– Stretching
– Glute trainings for women

Next programs are available for the users:

– Gaining muscles
– Losing weight
– Strength training

The app will help girls to reach the goals as: pump up the butt,abs, lose weight, etc. Taking into account individualcharacteristics, the workouts will be with the workload, which willeffectively help to reach the result. At the end of an eachworkout, you will be offered the stretching exercises and abdominalworkout.

The training programs for men contain the workload level, whichallows effectively pump up the biceps, chest, etc. and lose weightor gain muscles.

Strength workouts are not limited to the 5×5 program. Bench press,deadlift and barbell squats are trained in the mode, which willcontribute the successful performance at the powerliftingcompetition.

Personal trainer SmartFit will save your money on a personaltrainer.

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