Free Download 8fit – Workouts, Meal Planner & Personal Trainer 3.0.9 Mod APK Unlimited Cash

Free Download 8fit – Workouts, Meal Planner & Personal Trainer 3.0.9 Mod APK Unlimited Cash

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Description of 8fit - Workouts, Meal Planner & Personal Trainer

8fit is your mobile personal trainer. Enjoyquick workout routines combined with a simple healthymeal planner tailored for you.
Whether your goal is to lose weight, get fit or gain weight, joinmillions of 8fitters who are getting results and living asustainable, happy, healthy lifestyle.

What’s in it for you?

8fit is not a diet. It’s not an exercise program. It’s alifestyle change. Get fit, keep the fat off and stay toned.Watch your confidence skyrocket! Let us help you become the bestversion of yourself.

Skip the gym and realize your potential
Work out anywhere, anytime: at home, in the park, or at ahotel. No equipment required: use your own bodyweight tobuild muscle strength, increase endurance, improve cardiovascularfitness and lose weight without catabolizing hard earned muscles.The HIIT workout (high-intensity interval training) is one of ourusers’ favorites because it is fast and more effective thantraditional cardio workouts. 8fit’s workouts only take 5-20minutes. From super moms to business travelers, burn more caloriesand get results even on a busy schedule!

Nutrition is 80% of your fitness goal equation.
8fit is not another fad diet plan or a calorie counter, but alifestyle coach to help you create daily habits by teaching youproper nutrition and giving you strategic at-home exercises. 8fitprovides guidance with your meal planning and along your fitnessjourney, not just following a calorie tracker or generic gymworkouts.

How does it work?

8fit deliver results through tailored, easy to follow meal plansand workouts created by expert trainers. We teach you how to gainor lose weight with healthy diets and workout routines.

Most workout apps or weight loss apps give you a‘one-size-fits-all’ plan and sends you off to navigate by yourself.8fit is a personalized step-by-step guide accommodatingeveryone, from beginners to advanced fitness enthusiasts,providing:
– Fitness assessment to place you in your initial level
– Workout plans to challenge you and make you progress
– Customized healthy meals and diet plans
– Foods to eat and foods to avoid
– Healthy recipes and shopping list

8fit improves your nutrition and provides you with the healthyeating tools you need to reach your health and weight goalsby:
– Organizing your week with a healthy meal plan app, accompanied bya grocery list
– Providing you with over 400 healthy recipes customized to yourpersonal tastes or allergies
– Eliminating the hassle of keeping track of your daily caloriecount
– Accommodating dietary preferences: paleo, vegetarian, vegan,pescatarian, keto diet, low carb…

8fit helps you make exercise a part of your dailyroutine:
– Over 350 exercises with a variety of levels to progressthrough
– Time-efficient HIIT workouts including a tabata timer andcountdown cues
– A strength test and a fitness tracker to measure yourprogress
– Daily motivation, fitness trainer tips and activitytracking
– Pedometer / step counter synced to Google Fit
– Sweat with challenging exercises
– Intensity of 8fit’s HIIT and Tabata Workouts are inspired byCrossfit & P90x
– Go at your own pace and improve your fitness at home.

8fit is free for everyone. To unlock exclusive workouts andcomplete meal plans, subscribe to the Pro version. You can turn offthe auto-renewal at any time. When you cancel, access to the Profeatures will expire at the end of the current paymentperiod.

Support: [email protected]

You talk, we listen! Consistent updates ensure a 5-star experience& results you will be happy with.

Fitness for the rest of us 💪🍳
It’s time to step out of your comfort zone and seize the day: startlittle habits for a big change.
You too can tone your body, boost your confidence and become thebest version of you. ✌️

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